Using kitchen-salt for testing salt-formulas

I have put off learning how test-kitchen works with salt formulas for awhile. Mainly due to the multi-step setup process that can be slightly confusing if you are not accustomed to working with developer tools day to day. It became clear though that learning this workflow would be really beneficial for developing salt-formulas and other […]

Deploy Graylog using SaltStack Formulas

Deploy Graylog using SaltStack and supporting formulas I’ve written a formula for deploying Graylog with additional Salt formulas for Elasticsearch and MongoDB, which  support a Graylog install. Currently, this has only been deployed on CentOS 7 so the Salt states are pretty specific to CentOS and RHEL based distros. There are plans to expand support […]

Upgrading salt-minion on Windows using Salt

Upgrading the Salt Minion For installation, follow the instructions on the saltstack website Upgrade the Windows salt-minion Login to the salt-master server and cd to the files directory cd /srv/salt/server-base/file Download the latest Version from the SaltStack Website ( wget Copy the newest version out to all the Windows servers based on architecture salt […]

Setup SaltStack on CentOS 7

Setup Salt Components on CentOS 7 Setup Note: This guide is basically copied from the salt docs The only reason for it to exist is to expand on the RHEL/CENTOS 7 post install specifics for adding firewall rules and enabling the service. Import SaltStack GPG-KEY rpm --import Setup SaltStack repo file Edit /etc/yum.repos.d/saltstack.repo vi […]

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