Name: HackingTeam_Mac_Persistence
Detection persistency by Hacking Team: Artifact used by Hacking Team

select * from file where directory like '/Users/%/Library/Preferences/8pHbqThW%';
Additional Query Info:
Version: 1.4.5
Platform: darwin
Interval: 3600

  "queries": {
    "HackingTeam_Mac_Persistence": {
      "query" : "select * from file where directory like '/Users/%/Library/Preferences/8pHbqThW%';",
      "interval" : "3600",
      "platform" : "darwin",
      "version": "1.4.5",
      "description" : "Detection persistency by Hacking Team",
      "value" : "Artifact used by Hacking Team"

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